Oct 142012

We all know the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu, and we love it too. I found a recipe for a Tiramisu cake that is so irresistible. The Tiramisu cake has a filling for which you use Mascarpone, espresso and Amaretto. What can I say more? You must try it yourself - Happy Baking.

tiramisu cake
Ingredients Tiramisu Cake

5 egg
150 g sugar
100 g flour
50 g  ground almonds
4 sheets gelatine white
4 egg white
100 g sugar
500 g Mascarpone
1 tbsp lemon peel (organic lemon)
50 ml cold espresso coffee
4 tbsp brandy
4 tbsp Amaretto
2 tbsp cocoa powder unsweetened

Baking Instructions Tiramisu Cake
- Pre-heat oven to 180 C or 350 F; grease a spring form or layer it with baking paper.
- Separate eggs; beat egg white until firm.
- Beat egg yolks with sugar and 2 tbsp warm water until creamy. Place firm egg white on top, sprinkle flour and almonds on top then mix everything carefully.
- Fill it into spring form. Bake it for 40 minutes; let it cool off.
- Soak gelatine in water; beat egg yolks with sugar until creamy; add Mascarpone and lemon peel.
- Drip gelatine into the cream while stirring.
- Cut biscuit in half and place the first half on a cake platter.
- Mix brandy with Amaretto and coffee and drip the first half of the biscuit with the liquid; add half of the Mascarpone cream.
- Place second half of the biscuit on top, drip remaining liquid on it and place the cream on top, spread all around the cake.
- Keep the cake for at least 4 hours in the fridge and before serving dust with cocoa powder.

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