May 142013

tiffin black tea liqueurTIFFIN TEA LIQUEUR is distilled since 1835 in Germany, and comes from the most famous distiller of liqueur specialties.
The Premium Tea Liqueur is made from rich, rare, exotic teas of the Orient. It is slowly brewed and blended with premium distilled spirits to create a luxurious taste of real teas. Enjoy chilled, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixer.
Tiffin is an unassuming spirit in an unassuming bottle. However, we were blown away by its complexity and depth; more than just a straight shot of black tea, it displays stunningly nuanced aromas and flavors that embody the full range of tea characteristics. Intensely aromatic, it displays mouthwatering notes of bergamot, rose petal, allspice, and fresh herbs. The palate is ever-so-slightly tannic, with flavors of dark fruit and black pepper. We were also surprised to find out, according to the manufacturer, that this is the top-selling tea liqueur in Japan. Possibly as a result, this unusual delight is difficult to find stateside.

Product of Germany
Alcohol by Volume: 24%

Recipe with Tiffin: Fruit Cake with Tiffin Pudding

Cocktail Recipes with Tiffin


Pour 20 ml TIFFIN in a glass filled with ice.
Add some lemon and sugar to taste.

TIFFIN Tingler

Mix 20 ml TIFFIN, 20 ml lime juice
and 10 ml brandy.
Add some soda. Serve on the rocks.


Mix 30 ml TIFFIN and 90 ml milk. Serve on the rocks.

TIFFIN Teadriver

Mix 30 ml TIFFIN and 90 ml orange juice.
Serve on the rocks.

Find Tiffin Liqueur here

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