Yummly Connection


Have you ever heard of Yummly? MyBestGermanRecipes and the Yummly Connection

Yummly is the latest and ultimate cooking place online with millions of recipes. You can save and share your favorite recipes to your so called recipe box. From there you can share the recipe with the entire world! This is what we started now.

Below you see our recipe box – check it out Click here  to go to the Yummly recipe box-

yummly connection

MyBestGermanRecipes is now connected with Yummly – we don’t have any doubts that this is going to be a great connection!

Many of the German recipes will be and can be found on Yummly as well.  As the process is done manually it will take a little bit of time until our Yummly board is big. So watch MyBestGermanrecipes.com growing on Yummly. Join us!



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