Jan 082020
Bohemian Yeast Dumplings Recipe

Bohemian Yeast Dumplings or Boehmische Hefeknoedel in German, is a side dish that goes very well with any meat and a gravy, like Goulash. The classic traditional recipe from Bohemia is using flour, eggs, salt and milk. You would form the dumplings like mini loafs and then cut them but never use a knife. In … read more …

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Dec 062016
Weckmann out of Yeast Dough for Christmas

The Weckmann out of yeast dough is a sweet bread that is also called “Stutenkerl, Grittibänz or Klausenmann”. The following recipe is a universal recipe, and can be used for all kinds of other bread and bun specialties. You can make raisin rolls or braided sweet bread (Zopf), or use it as the base for … read more …

Nov 282011
All About Baking Yeast

  Today learn the importance of yeast in German Baking. It is all about Baking yeast today! Yeast is using a lot for many baking recipes and many recipes require fresh yeast. In the USA we never saw any fresh yeast in the super markets, it is very rare. In this article we explain everything … read more …

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