Feb 112021
Fried Potatoes Thuringia Style - Authentic German

The Fried Potatoes Thuringia style use as many dishes from “Thueringen” caraway seeds and marjoram. The caraway seeds can be ground too if you don’t like the strong taste when you bite on a seed. In Germany you have quite  a lot of potato “brands”. We recommend for fried potatoes to use the Gold potatoes … read more …

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Aug 272020
How to Cook German Bratwurst

You would think that there is only one way to cook bratwurst, which is grilling them. In Germany there are many different ways to cook Bratwurst. Find out in this article how you can change your recipe for Bratwurst and vary it. Happy Cooking! How to Cook German Bratwurst The Bavarian Weisswurst Will be boiled … read more …

Aug 032018
Authentic Thuringia Style Garlic Soup

Do you love garlic? If yes, you will love this German soup. The Thuringia style garlic soup is from the German region Thuringia or “Thüringen” – wonderful region in the middle towards the North of Germany. In German we call this soup “Knoblauchsuppe”. Grlic is healthy and when you remove the green part inside the … read more …