Nov 272019
Turkey with Bavarian Dumpling Filling

The Turkey with Bavarian dumpling filling is an original German recipe that you will love for the American Thanksgiving dinner. The German recipe is using dried “Steinpilze” (porcini) for this dish. Good side dishes are red cabbage and mashed potatoes. Spätzle and other vegetables are good side dish alternatives as well. Because it is a … read more …

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Aug 062018
Turkey Roast Recipe with Dijon Mustard Sauce

Roast Turkey with Dijon Mustard Sauce Nice Turkey Roast recipe for Thanksgiving and it is not a German recipe. In Germany we love to make a goose for Christmas similar to turkey. This US Roast turkey recipe is special because the mustard will not be spread onto the skin (as usual), it is spread under … read more …

Nov 032014
Turkey with Calvados Apple Filling

Turkey with Calvados Apple Filling does not sound German at the first look but it is for sure a original German recipe. Turkey is also popular in Germany and in many families it is roasted for Christmas. Calvados is a  French apple brandy that you can get at Bevmo. This is a proven recipe and  … read more …