Sep 012020
Sausages in Beer Gravy - Authentic German Recipe

Sausages in beer gravy  is a authentic and original German dish. Germany is the country of the best sausage making since centuries. The best sausages are made in Germany. You probably know the simple version of a boiled and/or fried sausage that you enjoy with a roll or bread and Sauerkraut. The recipe today shows … read more …

Aug 272020
Bratwurst White Bean Stew

The fall/early winter season brings another delicious recipe with sausages: Bratwurst White Bean Stew. Your guests will like this dish for sure. It is easy to make and can be served with fresh bread or mashed or boiled potatoes. Following sausages are recommended for this German dish: Nuremberg Sausage, Rostbratwurst, Hofbrau Brats from Trader Joes, … read more …

Apr 242020
German Potato Soup - Eintopf Dish from Germany

The German Potato soup is a very popular soup in Germany, and, as you probably know, Germany is the country with the best potatoes. There are special potatoes for salad, mashed and fried potatoes. This potato soup is a classic soup which is easy to make, and it tastes very good combined with Wiener sausages … read more …

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Oct 152013
Halloween Sausage Mummies

Halloween sausage mummies will make your Halloween party guests smile. Serve them warm or cold with German mustard. In Germany Halloween has become quite fashionable and everyone likes to celebrate with Halloween food and costumes. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Halloween Sausage Mummies (makes 10 sausages) 500 g flour yeast dry, 1 package or as directed for … read more …

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