German Egg Salad Sandwich – Healthy Bread Spread

german egg salad sandwich

The German egg salad sandwich is a healthy and easy to make bread spread recipe. It’s an open sandwich or a Belegtes Brot as we say in German. The classic version is a piece of bread or half of a roll plus a spread…

Whole Rye Double Sandwich – A German Snack

Whole Rye Double Sandwich - A German Snack

The Whole Rye Double Sandwich is a German snack which is healthy. In Germany we call sandwiches “Schnittchen” or “Belegtes Brot”, in some regions they call it “Stulle” or “Butterbrot”. It is the ideal snack or a substitute for a lunch. But in Germany…

German Cucumber Radish Sandwich

German Cucumber Radish Sandwich

The German cucumber radish sandwich is a typical German snack; that’s how we make the sandwiches. The best is to use German bread such as rye or whole wheat or the sunflower seed bread from Delba. We have some great bread recipes on…

Healthy Snack Tuna Egg Sandwich

  Today learn about the way how we make sandwiches and try out the German snack tuna egg sandwich. The German way is to take a slice of bread and add whatever you like on top.  But the bread or roll is always buttered….