Aug 212020
Sweet Bread Rhineland Style - Authentic German

This Sweet Bread Rhineland Style is very popular in the Rhineland and they call it “Butterstuten”. It is a sweet bread with raisins made out of a yeast dough. Awesome for breakfast with butter and jam. I am sure you will love this sweet bread. Happy Baking! Ingredients Sweet Bread Rhineland Style 500 g flour, … read more …

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Nov 022016
Koelner Kruestchen -Toast Hubertus - Best Rhineland Snacks

Today we like to show you what snacks you can get in the Rhineland: Koelner Kruestchen Toast – Hubertus Kölner. The Krüstchen is a specialty from Cologne and it is a pork schnitzel placed on a slice of bread with a fried egg on top. These kind of toasts are very popular in the pubs … read more …

Jun 232016
Halve Hahn German Rhineland Specialty

This article will show you some traditional food from the Rhineland,  the head quarter of the German carnival (Karneval), and the historical city Cologne. One is the Halve Hahn, a German Rhineland Specialty. What is the Halve Hahn German Rhineland Specialty In the local pubs of the Rhineland you can find special dishes on the … read more …