Oct 222014
German Holiday Kinder Punch - Non-Alcoholic Drink

  The German Holiday Kinder punch or “punsch” is for children when adults enjoy a glass of Gluehwein (mulled hot red wine). Or when you prefer a non-alcoholic holiday beverage. The German Kinder punch is great for parties, the holidays, evenings or any occasion where children are having a party. Happy Cooking and Happy Holidays! … read more …

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Oct 292011
Halloween Recipes: Vampire Blood Punch

  Are you looking for Halloween recipes with alcohol? Here is a great Halloween recipe from Germany. It’s an ancient recipe from Dracula’s cook who died in a tragic way because he was a victim of a plot against Dracula. After a party where he served this punch for the first time the mob got … read more …

Oct 282011
Halloween Recipes: Green Punch

Germany has come up with some great Halloween recipes. Since many hears Halloween is celebrated in Germany the same way like in the USA. For your Halloween party you need great beverages that are scary looking. This is such a recipe. Invite all the ghosts and gargoyles and serve them the green-ghostly looking punch. It … read more …