Sep 052018
Pumpkin Apple Compote - German Pumpkin Specialty

The round orange Pumpkin has many variations in the German cuisine, and one usage is to make a compote, or “Kompott” as we say in German. You practically can make compote with the most fruit. The Pumpkin Apple compote is a sweet dish and it is served  in Germany often with German Griessbrei (Semolina Pudding), Rice Pudding, or Vanilla … read more …

Aug 162016
Cooking with Pumpkin - How to Cut and Peel Pumpkin

Cooking with Pumpkin – On we feature many recipes using pumpkin. In Germany there are many recipes with pumpkin and today find out How to cut and peel a pumpkin. There is a little trick and the peeling and cutting is done in a special way.  Watch the video below to see the trick. … read more …

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Aug 082016
Sweet Sour Pickled Pumpkin - German Pickle Specialty

Just ready for fall: Sweet sour pickled pumpkin – an original German recipe for anyone who likes pumpkin dishes. Canning is very popular in Germany. The pickled pumpkin taste great together with fried potatoes.  Happy Cooking! Ingredients Sweet Sour Pickled Pumpkin 1 kg pumpkin 350 g sugar 1/8 liter vinegar 1/4 liter water 1 tsp … read more …

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Jul 212016
German Pumpkin Cake Bread

We are now in the fall season which is in America the season for all kinds of pumpkin dishes.  Pumpkins have become quite popular in Germany too. Today we feature a German Pumpkin cake or bread. It is very easy to make and it tastes great with whipped cream. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Pumpkin Cake … read more …

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Jul 212016
Pumpkin Beer Soup - Authentic German Recipe

The German Pumpkin Beer soup is special as it is using beer but not any beer, it should be Pilsner beer. We found it at Trader Joes. It is the Pilsener Urquell which is a very good German beer. Try this soup. It’s a great combination! Happy Cooking! Ingredients Pumpkin Beer Soup 2 shallots or … read more …

Nov 012015
Potato Pumpkin Wedges

The potato pumpkin wedges are a wonderful side dish for fall. You can spice it with Allspice or not. Serve it with a pork, beef or turkey roast. Happy Cooking! Ingredients 2kg or 4.4lb medium sized potatoes 500 g or 1.1lb pumpkin (or butter squash) peeled 4 tbsp sunflower oil 2 tbsp paprika powder salt, … read more …

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Oct 172012
German Pumpkin Lasagne - Pumpkin Recipes

The German pumpkin lasagne is  a great recipe using pumpkins and the fall season. It is a combination of pumpkin, egg plant and leek, and it is also a  healthy, veggie dish.  If you like pumpkin dishes, this recipe is for you! Happy Cooking. Ingredients German Pumpkin Lasagne 1 medium size pumpkin 2 leeks 1 … read more …