German Spicy Red Sauce for Paprikaschnitzel

zigeuner sauce

The German Spicy Red Sauce for Paprikaschnitzel is a classic German sauce that is served with meat dishes such as Schnitzel or pork chops. If you make this sauce with a Schnitzel, the meat can be breaded or not, and the meat can be…

Paprika Chicken – Authentic German Chicken Recipe

paprika chicken

German Dinner Idea:  Paprika chicken – an authentic German recipe if you like chicken. The recipe is using creme fraiche but it can be substituted with heavy cream. As for using the Paprika seasoning, choose the Hungarian spice or the seasoning mix from EDORA….

German Stuffed Peppers or Filled Pepper with Meat

German stuffed peppers are filled with meat and are called in German “Gefüllte Paprika”. This German dish is easy to make and can be varied. If you don’t like to use meat fill the peppers with a rice-vegetable mix. You can also use ground…