Aug 022018
Authentic Rhineland Potato Pancakes

Rhineland Potato pancakes or Reibekuchen, as they call them in the Rhineland dialect, are a traditional German dish that you can find at street booths, at fairs or in restaurants. It is also called “Kartoffelpuffer” or “Kartoffelkuechle”. You enjoy them with apple compote, mashed apples or Sugar beet syrup. potato pancakes are the best when … read more …

Apr 052018
Palatschinken Recipe - Austrian Pancakes

If you like pancakes you will like the Palatschinken recipe. Palatschinken are thin pancakes similar to the French crêpes and much thinner then the American pancakes. Palatschinken are made with eggs, wheat flour, milk, and salt, fried in a pan with butter or oil. You can also fill the Palatschinken if you like, and enjoy … read more …

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Feb 132018
German Sauerkraut Potato Pancakes

You will love the Sauerkraut Potato pancakes! In Germany we are very creative when it comes to Sauerkraut. This is another original German recipe which is using Sauerkraut, the most famous side dish of Germany. Make sure to get the original German Sauerkraut. A good place to find German Sauerkraut is Big Lots and Aldi … read more …

Feb 222014
Pancakes Filled with Meat - Authentic German Recipe

Pancakes filled with meat is a German specialty that you will love. First you make the pancakes, then the filling. In Germany we like to serve the filled pancakes with a Swabian potato salad. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Pancakes Filled with Meat 250 g flour 1 tbsp salt 2 eggs 400 ml milk butter, oil to … read more …

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May 082013
German Flaedle Soup - Best Soup of Germany

  The German Flaedle soup is a special Swabian soup that you get in every Country Inn or “Gasthaus” of the South. Basically you would use pancake left overs to make this delicious German soup. In Germany you can buy the Flaedle already made in dry form. But the soup tastes the best with home … read more …

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