Apr 232013
Rum Pot Muffins

Rum Pot muffins is a German recipe and you would need to have a rum pot, or Rumtopf in German,  first in order to make these delicious muffins. Rumtopf is a German dessert that is served during the winter months. It is a  mixture of various kinds of fruit, rum and sugar that is in … read more …

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Mar 092012
Fried Egg Muffins for Easter

Surprise your friends and family with fried egg muffins on Easter. The muffins are easy to make and will make people smile. Not only for Easter! Happy Baking! Ingredients (for 6 muffins) 90 g oil 300 g flour 1 tbsp baking powder 100 g sugar 1 Dr Oetker package vanilla sugar 1 egg, 1 pinch … read more …

Nov 132011
Egg Liquor Muffins

Egg liquor Muffins  – Germans love muffins a lot. They are very popular in Germany. Egg liquor is also very popular, so the combination with egg liquor and muffins is quite interesting. Not long ago I posted the recipe of how to make your own egg liquor – click here to go to the egg … read more …