Aug 292016
Creamy German Herb Soup Frankfurt Style

The creamy German herb soup is using the same herbs as you would use for the popular Frankfurt Green sauce – Find the recipe for the Green Sauce here – It’s a delicious soup with different herbs such as parsley, chives, dill, borage and some more (see in ingredients the herb mix). Happy Cooking! Ingredients … read more …

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May 242013
Authentic German Herb Butter For Steaks

  The German herb butter is a classic in Germany and is served together with a rump steak or used for the meat on the barbecue – it is the butter for steaks! This is an original and authentic German recipe, very easy to make, and perfect to freeze: Cut the butter in slices and … read more …

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Feb 162012
German Eggs Green Sauce - Frankfurt Style

It was one of Goethe’s favorite dishes: boiled potatoes and eggs with green sauce. The healthy-green sauce came from France where it was called “Sauce verte”. In Italy is is popular under the name “Salsa verde” and in Germany it is a specialty of Frankfurt. There they call it “Grie Soss” which means “Gruene Sosse”. … read more …