Jan 152020
German Leek Soup with Ground Beef

The leek soup with ground beef is a wonderful combination for this German soup. It is a typical winter soup as leek normally is available during the winter months. Try it out, you will love it. This German soup does not need any special ingredients only the cooking cheese. I could not find a neutral … read more …

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Apr 042018
German Ground Beef Stew Dinner Idea

The German Ground beef stew recipe is easy to make within 20 minutes. The main ingredient is minced or ground beef. As side dish we recommend rice or pasta. Tip: Make a double portion and freeze the rest, so you just have to defrost it for the next dinner.   Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Ground Beef … read more …

Oct 302015
Beef with Chickpeas Pan Fried

Beef with chickpeas pan fried is an easy and quick German dish that can be done in 30 minutes. In Germany we like to do “Pfannengerichte” which means “dishes that are made in a skillet or pan.” This dish can be varied. Instead of garbanzo beans use red kidney or white beans, add some cauliflower … read more …

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