Aug 272020
Bratwurst White Bean Stew

The fall/early winter season brings another delicious recipe with sausages: Bratwurst White Bean Stew. Your guests will like this dish for sure. It is easy to make and can be served with fresh bread or mashed or boiled potatoes. Following sausages are recommended for this German dish: Nuremberg Sausage, Rostbratwurst, Hofbrau Brats from Trader Joes, … read more …

Aug 262020
German Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon

Learn today how to make German Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon. It’s a delicious side dish for any menu. The recipe is using summer savory (Bohnenkraut) which is an herb that came to Germany in the 9th century,  brought by monks to grow in their monastery gardens. Summer savory is used in combination with vegetable … read more …

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Sep 032018
German Green Bean Potato Salad

The German Green Bean potato salad is a great salad for the barbecue in summer. Green beans and potatoes are a good combination. If you like you can make this salad without potatoes or add some other vegetable such as red radishes. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Green Bean Potato Salad (serves 3-4) 500 g green … read more …

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Jul 272016
Lamb Green Beans Stew Brandenburg Style

  The German Lamb Green Beans Stew is a local specialty from the North-German region Brandenburg which was former East German territory but became its own province in 1990. The lamb dish is traditional and is served in local restaurants all over Brandenburg. It is diced lamb with onions, green beans and potatoes. Happy Cooking! … read more …