Sep 012020
Sausages in Beer Gravy - Authentic German Recipe

Sausages in beer gravy  is a authentic and original German dish. Germany is the country of the best sausage making since centuries. The best sausages are made in Germany. You probably know the simple version of a boiled and/or fried sausage that you enjoy with a roll or bread and Sauerkraut. The recipe today shows … read more …

Oct 272016
German Home Made Basic Gravy - Light or Brown

Ingredients German Home Made Basic Gravy 3 medium sized onions 100 g butter or clarified butter (or margarine) as needed, for example: – Red wine, Port wine makes a dark gravy – Curry, coconut milk makes a curry gravy – spices of your choice Cooking Instructions German Home Made Basic Gravy Chop onions fine, fry … read more …

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Jul 202016
German Chicken Ragout Stew

Learn today what is a ragout and start with the German Chicken Ragout! Ragout is a term for a main-dish stew and has nothing to do with “Ragu” which is Italian and is a sauce such as Bolognese, served with spaghetti. For a ragout you can practically use all kinds of meat. As described in … read more …

Feb 252013
Authentic German Mashed Potatoes

German mashed potatoes are a classic side dish for all meat dishes with gravy such as Goulash, beef Rouladen, and are a great combination with fried liver, meat loaf and Bratwurst. Home made mashed potatoes are the best. Forget the ones out of the package. Even the all natural potato flakes that I tried are … read more …

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