Aug 092018
German Turkey Ragout or Stew

Turkey Ragout or in German “Putengeschnetzeltes” (very difficult word to say, I know) is a classic recipe among all ragouts. The word “ragout” comes from the French word “ragoûter”, and means “to revive the taste”. The Italian version “ragù” (the word being borrowed from French) is a sauce such as “Ragù Napoletano” that is used typically in combination with pasta. A … read more …

Jul 262016
German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork

German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork or ” Geschnetzeltes” in German which means small cut meat, is a very common German dish. It can be made in different meat qualities.  The meat is very lean and tender when cut from the filet. You can make it from the Schnitzel meat as well but it will contain a bit more … read more …

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