Bavarian Cabbage Side Dish – Grandma’s Recipe

Let’s have a look what is served in Bavaria as a side dish: Bavarian Cabbage! It is the perfect side dish for Bratwurst or “Fleischpflanzerl”, the German burger, or a beef or pork roast. And not to forget the Bavarian hamhocks, this cabbage is…

Eggs in Mustard Sauce

eggs mustard sauce

Eggs in Mustard Sauce is a popular German dish, perfect for a meatless dinner. In Germany we call it “Senfeier”. Serve it with potatoes or rice and vegetables. Important for the sauce is to use butter, flour and milk, this is called in German…

German Leberkaese Recipe

homemade leberkase recipe

If you live in the USA or far away from Germany, you know that it is not so easy to find German Leberkaese. But it is so good! Especially with a fresh baked roll. That’s why we found a homemade Leberkaese recipe for you….

German Carrot Kohlrabi Stew with Bratwurst

kohlrabi carrot stew

You will love this German carrot kohlrabi stew with sausages such as Bratwurst or Frankfurters. It’s a delicious meal for any season. In Germany we call such a dish “Eintopf”. If you cannot find Kohlrabi you might use leek which will be sliced and…

German Kohlrabi Soup Bremen Style

kohlrabi soup bremen style

The kohlrabi soup from Bremen is a wonderful German soup and is very easy to make. Great soup for one of these cooler  evenings. You might be able to find kohlrabi at your local farmers markets. We found them at Sprouts and Wholefoods. Kohlrabi…

Curry Ketchup Recipes – Authentic German

german curry ketchup recipes

Curry Ketchup Recipes are very popular in Germany like the famous Currwurst (curry sausage).  How did it start? It started when the German lady Herta Heuwer served it on September 4, 1949 at her street booth in Berlin, at the corner Kant/Kaiser Friedrich Strasse…

German Wheat Rye Bread – Authentic Recipe

german wheat rye bread

This German Wheat Rye bread is made out of 3 different kinds of flour. The two types of flour most commonly used for bread in Germany are wheat flour Type 1050 and rye flour Type 1180. Special flour types are not available in US…

Spaetzle Tyrolian Style – German Austrian Noodles

Find out how to make Spaetzle Tyrolian style  – a German specialty from Tyrolia or “Tirol” which is actually an Austrian region. Spaetzle are very popular throughout the South of Germany, Austria and also in the North of Switzerland where they call them “Knoepfli”….