Mar 032020
Bologna Salad Wurstsalat - German Specialty from the South

Today we learn how to make a delicious German dish from the South that you can get at any Inn or Gasthof. It is the Bologna Salad – Wurstsalat in German. The sausages for this salad are traditionally Bologna or in German “Lyoner”, some use meat loaf (Fleischkaese) too. We find this sausage in international … read more …

Jan 272019
German Fleischsalat - Traditional Sausage Meat Salad

Learn today how to make the popular German Fleischsalat. The main ingredient for this salad is fried or cooked meat, Lyoner Sausage (Bologna) or Leberkäse. At a German butcher’s you would ask for a sausage called “Fleischwurst”. The meat or sausage is cut in thin stripes and is combined with a lot of mayonnaise and … read more …

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