Aug 012019
Mixed Salad with Schnitzel Stripes

The Mixed salad with Schnitzel stripes is a delicious German salad. It can be used as a complete meal or as a cold buffet dish. This combination of a salad and Wiener Schnitzel is just great! The stripes tasted good warm or cold., and are made exactly the same way as a Wiener Schnitzel. Happy … read more …

Apr 182017
Mache Salad Dressing - German Recipe for Feldsalat

Mache Salad or “Feldsalat” in German is in my opinion the best green salad. It is also called “Lamb’s ear” or “Corn salad”. It is hard to find here in the USA as not every supermarket will carry it. The brand “Organic Girl” delivers it to many supermarkets that I have visited in CA and … read more …

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Jan 032017
German Salad Dressing - Two Popular Dressings

For any salad the best dressing is made from scratch. Learn today how to make two German salad dressing. One is sweet-sour, the other one is with yogurt. These dressings are healthy and easy to make. Forget about the expensive dressings from the supermarket that contain preservatives and chemicals. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Salad Dressing … read more …

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