Aug 062018
German Mocha Christmas Cookies

These German Mocha Christmas Cookies are just irresistible. These cookies are a combination of chocolate, coffee and a hint of mocha liqueur – so delicious. Surprise your family and friends with these exclusive German Mocha cookies for the holidays. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Mocha Christmas Cookies (75 pieces) 4 egg white, 200 g sugar 1 … read more …

Aug 012018
German Filled Almond Star Cookies

These German Filled Almond Star Cookies will become your favorite Christmas cookie! They are filled with a wonderful marzipan-almond filling. Try them out and decide for yourselves. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Filled Almond Star Cookies (makes 120 pieces) Dough 220 flour 100g powdered sugar 30 g almonds ground, 1 dash salt 100 g soft butter 1 … read more …

Aug 012018
German Anise Cookies for the Holidays

The German Anise Cookies are for the holidays or, especially in Germany, for Christmas only. These German Christmas cookies are very easy to make and you do not need any special ingredients like for many other German cookies. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Anise Cookies (makes 45 cookies) 2 egg white 60 g sugar 1 tbsp … read more …

Dec 152017
German Advent Cookies with Dried Fruit

Ingredients German Advent Cookies 130 g butter 90 g sugar 1 egg yolk lemon zest of 1/2 lemon (organic) 150 g flour 1 package vanilla pudding, Dr Oetker, vanilla, cream or almond (alternatively 1.5 oz corn starch) 7 drops bitter almond flavor 50 g almonds, ground 100 g dried fruit of your choice (Figs, dates, … read more …

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Dec 022017
German Nikolaus Pocket Cookies

  This is a German Christmas Cookies recipe for December 6th, a traditional Germany celebration and is called “Nikolaus Day”. Back in my childhood Saint Nikolaus would visit every home in our community to see if the children had been nice kids during the whole year. Sometimes he would  come with his companion, the “Knecht … read more …

Nov 252017
German Cranberry Cookies for Christmas and Holidays

  Delicious German Cranberry cookies for Christmas, the holidays and special occasions. The cookies contain cranberries! How delicious! These German Christmas cookies are easy to make. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Cranberry Cookies 1 tbsp cocoa 25 g dried cranberries 1 egg white 1 dash salt, 2 tbsp sugar 25 g ground almonds 1 tbsp starch … read more …

Nov 252017
German Christmas Cookies Coconut Rolls

 German Christmas Cookies Coconut Rolls 50 g dried papaya and 50 g dried mango 1 egg white 100 g grated coconut unsweetened – Bob’s Red Mill Unsweetened Shredded Coconut — 24 oz Dough
 150 g cold butter 75 g powdered sugar 225 g flour 1 egg yolk 1 dash salt Baking Instructions German Christmas … read more …

Dec 132016
German Christmas Cookies: Linzer Hearts

German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (or Linzer Herzen in German) are the cookie variation from the Linzer Cake. This German Christmas cookie recipe is similar to the cake as raspberry jam is used for the filling. They are very easy to make and colorful. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas Cookies Linzer Hearts (for about 40 … read more …