Aug 082019
Apricot Butter Cake - Authentic German Recipe

Summer is the season for peaches and apricots! If you can get fresh apricots this is the right German cake recipe. But you can also use canned apricots or peaches for this authentic Apricot Butter Cake. The cake is a yeast dough (not that difficult to make) with apricots and sliced almonds on top  – … read more …

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Feb 132018
German Apricot Cheese Cake

There are so many delicious cake recipes in Germany! Find out today how to make the German Apricot Cheese Cake. The recipe is using quark which is a German curd cheese that you can find in some US super markets but it is rather rare. The best is to make it at home or use … read more …

Feb 092018
German Valentine's Heart Shaped Cake

Show your love with the German Valentine’s Heart cake.  It is great for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. All you need is a heart shaped form which we have seen at ALDI this year! There is nothing better than a home made gift to express your love. Get your baking forms out and try this … read more …

Feb 172017
German Apricot Cake - Delicious Cake

The German Apricot Cake is a so called “Blechkuchen” – that means it is a cake baked on a deep baking tray instead in a form. These cakes are very popular in Germany and this recipe is very easy and can be even done by baking beginners. You can use peaches, apricots or raspberries; even … read more …

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