May 162018
Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup

The Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup is a delicious soup – very easy to make and super creamy. We use green asparagus and potatoes, a good combination for a soup. Authentic German recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup 4 medium potatoes 8-10 green asparagus (not the super thin asparagus) 1 smaller onion … read more …

Jun 012017
German Asparagus Soup - Easy To Make

Ingredients German Asparagus Soup 1/4 liter water (the asparagus cooking water) 200 g fresh asparagus, green or white 30 g butter 1 tbsp flour 1/8 liter heavy cream 2 egg yolks (optional) salt, nutmeg, pepper to taste chopped chives 1 cube instant vegetable broth, or 1 tbsp splash of white wine Cooking Instructions German Asparagus … read more …

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