Jul 032020
4th of July Fruit Cake German Style

If you are looking for a different cake for the 4th of July celebration, the American Independence Day, here is the 4th of July Patriotic Fruit Cake German Style. It’s featuring the USA flag made out of blueberries and raspberries, embedded on a delicious quark cream. Happy Baking! Ingredients 4th of July Fruit Cake German … read more …

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Sep 142019
Easy German Plum Cake Using Italian Plums

With this easy German Plum Cake you will get a lot of compliments. It is a great German cake, proven and authentic. You should use the German plums (Zwetschgen) that are called here Damson or Italian plums. The dough is a biscuit dough, so no yeast. The regular soft, round plums are not very useful … read more …

Jul 292019
Super Easy German Fruit Cake - Authentic Recipe

Here is a super easy German fruit cake that can be made within minutes. We call the base cake (it’s like a sponge cake) in German a “Tortenboden” and the entire cake would be an “Obstkuchen”. You don’t have to be a master baker or chef to create this cake – it is really very … read more …