Jul 252018
German Roasted Potatoes Berlin Style

  This is a recipe for German Roasted Potatoes or “Bratkartoffeln Berliner Art” as they make it in the capital of Germany, in Berlin. The potatoes to use should be not too soft. We recommend the yellow or Gold potatoes. Serve with a lettuce salad. Happy Cooking! Bratkartoffeln Berliner Art or German Roasted Potatoes Ingredients … read more …

Apr 202016
Fried Potatoes Thuringia Style - Authentic German

The Fried Potatoes Thuringia style use as many dishes from “Thueringen” caraway seeds and marjoram. The caraway seeds can be ground too if you don’t like the strong taste when you bite on a seed. In Germany you have quite  a lot of potato “brands”. We recommend for fried potatoes to use the Gold potatoes … read more …

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