Oct 312018
Halloween Recipes: Bloody Hands

It is time for great Halloween recipes like the Bloody hands recipe. It is an original German recipe but it is easy to make. You find all ingridients for the German Halloween recipes on Amazon or in your local super market. Scare your party guests with the bloody hands. The hands are made out of … read more …

Oct 242013
Halloween Food - Grave Yard Cake

Halloween Food in form of the Grave Yard cake is a great surprise for your Halloween Party. In Germany we love Halloween and the more disgusting the food, the better it is. This is an original German recipe that can be easily made in the USA. If you cannot get Quark use cream cheese and … read more …

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Nov 222012
German Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany

German Christmas Markets in Germany are the most popular attractions four weeks before Christmas. These markets are very specials and traditional. The capital of Germany, Berlin,  has not only one market. There are more than 40 Christmas Markets throughout the city. Every quarter has its own Christmas market. You can find also Designer Christmas Markets, … read more …

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