Feb 062015
German Carnival Recipes Mutzen

Today find out about the German Carneval Recipes: Mutzen – a regional recipe from the Rhineland. It was in the year of 1314 in Cologne. The first fools or in German called “Jecken” celebrated a parade through the city. The reason is unknown, only the date can be traced back. 200 years later a noble … read more …

Jan 130201
German Fasnacht Recipe Ausgezogene

German Fasnacht Recipe Ausgezogene or “Knieküchle” (knee pastries) are a different from Krapfen or pancakes. It is a traditional and local recipe of the German and Austrian cuisine. It is deep fried in oil  like Berliner or Krapfen. The pastry is made out of  a yeast dough, you can add raisins. The dough is formed … read more …

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