Nov 012015
Potato Pumpkin Wedges

The potato pumpkin wedges are a wonderful side dish for fall. You can spice it with Allspice or not. Serve it with a pork, beef or turkey roast. Happy Cooking! Ingredients 2kg or 4.4lb medium sized potatoes 500 g or 1.1lb pumpkin (or butter squash) peeled 4 tbsp sunflower oil 2 tbsp paprika powder salt, … read more …

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Oct 172012
German Pumpkin Lasagne - Pumpkin Recipes

The German pumpkin lasagne is  a great recipe using pumpkins and the fall season. It is a combination of pumpkin, egg plant and leek, and it is also a  healthy, veggie dish.  If you like pumpkin dishes, this recipe is for you! Happy Cooking. Ingredients German Pumpkin Lasagne 1 medium size pumpkin 2 leeks 1 … read more …