Aug 092018
German Cocktail Lilli Marlen with Escorial

The Cocktail Lilli Marlen is a special and  interesting cocktail containing Escorial and the German brandy Asbach Uralt with some lime. Now that the name Lilli Marlen is dedicated to this cocktail I want to tell you where that name comes from. Lili Marleen is a song that was sung by Lale Andersen, released in … read more …

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Mar 152013
Pear Dessert Escorial - Alcoholic German Liquor

The Pear dessert Escorial is something very special for a dinner party, a holiday menu or just for fun. What is Escorial? Escorial “The Ultimate Herbal Liqueur” produced from secret selected herbs and spices backed with some high percentage alcohol (56% ABV.) The taste combines a truly unique balance of dryness, sweetness, mint and slight … read more …

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