Dec 192018
Walnut Rings Christmas Cookies

Walnut rings Christmas cookies are easy to make and as you can see on the photo they are combined with another German Christmas cookie: Filled Honey Ring Cookies – Find the recipe for the Filled Honey Ring Cookies here – They are a nice addition for your Christmas Cookie Platter. Do you know that you … read more …

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Dec 192018
Filled Honey Ring Cookies for Christmas

The filled honey ring cookies are a wonderful addition for the Christmas cookie platter. This is an original German recipe. You can find all ingredients in US super markets and the vanilla sugar is easy to make at home – Go to the recipe How to make Vanilla Sugar – Happy Baking! Ingredients Filled Honey … read more …

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Dec 072018
German Christmas Cookies: Vanilla Pretzel

What about German Christmas Cookies Vanilla Pretzel? Christmas is getting closer and closer and you might need some wonderful German Christmas Cookies for your family. Try the vanilla Pretzel or chocolate Pretzel! They are super delicious cookies. This is a very traditional and authentic German Christmas recipe. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas Cookies Vanilla Pretzel … read more …

Nov 262018
Almond Chocolate German Cookies

The recipe for the almond chocolate german cookies is quite easy, and you will not need any special ingredients. Try them out and you will bale them again and again. Happy Baking! Ingredients Almond Chocolate German Cookies 250 g flour 1 point of a knife baking powder 1 dash salt 120 g powdered sugar 1 … read more …

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Nov 192018
Christmas Cookie Alpenbrot - A German Lebkuchen

The Christmas cookie Alpenbrot or Magenbrot is a small Lebkuchen (gingerbread) that is probably the easiest Lebkuchen to make. It does not need special ingredients. You can buy the Alpenbrot throughout Germany and if you would translate it,  it means literally “bread of the alps”. We could not find any information for this name. Happy … read more …

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Nov 232016
Christmas Cocoa Cookies - Authentic German Recipe

Christmas Cocoa Cookies are German Christmas cookies and are very easy to make. Germany is famous for its Christmas cookies. It is a German tradition to bake before Christmas and serve the cookies on December 24 which is in Germany the “Heilig Abend”. That’s the evening when the “Christkind” brings the gifts for everybody. Happy … read more …

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Aug 102016
Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies - Creepy Recipe

  Need some creepy Halloween party food? You found a good one today: The Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies.  They look so real! This is an authentic German recipe that you will love. Happy Baking and Halloween! Ingredients Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies 125 g butter (soft), 2 sticks 125 g sugar – 4.4oz 1 tsp lemon … read more …

Sep 112013

Spekulatius cookies are originally from Belgium and Netherlands, and became popular cookies in the Rhineland and Westphalia. Spekulatius are classic German Christmas cookies but are also popular throughout the year especially in Belgium and Netherlands. To make them you would need special molds with the typical Spekulatius design. Spekulatius contain a special spice mix which … read more …

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