Oct 172020
Chocolate Coffee Cake

The Chocolate-Coffee Cake is originally a Polish cake which contains coffee liquor.  If you like coffee liqueur feel free to add it to the recipe. The chocolate coffee cake recipe is very simple. The dough looks thin at the beginning but during the baking process it will get firm. So no worries. The chocolate coffee … read more …

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Jun 292020
Rudesheimer Coffee with Asbach - The Best German Brandy

In 1892 Hugo Asbach, merchant and distiller, founded the company Asbach & Co. in Rüdesheim at the romantic Rhine. He did not know at that time that he was setting a mile stone in Germany for a name that it still popular as in 1892.  A marketing slogan that is still valid today was created … read more …

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Sep 172015
German Coffee Honey Cake - Holiday Honigkuchen

The German Coffee Honey Cake or “Honigkuchen” (honey means Honig) is easy to make and tastes wonderful when you spread butter on the slices. That’s the way Germans enjoy the Dutch honey cake which is a similiar cake. TIP: If you turn the raisins in flour before you add them to the dough they will … read more …

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