Dec 292016
German Paprika Chicken or Chicken Paprikasch

If you like chicken then this recipe will be for you! The German Paprika Chicken or some call it chicken Paprikasch is a delicious chicken recipe. Please use the Hungarian paprika spice, it is the best for this dish. We also recommend to use organic chicken. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Paprika Chicken 4 chicken thighs … read more …

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Dec 132016
Chicken Malakow - Special German Chicken Egg Recipe

Chicken Malakow is an interesting recipe. I was searching online to find some background material for this recipe as the name does not really sound German (Malakoff). It sounds Russion but see below where it really comes from. So after some time I found some results:  Malakow, Jean J. Péllisier (1794-1864) was a French Marshall … read more …