Aug 082016
Sweet Sour Pickled Pumpkin - German Pickle Specialty

Just ready for fall: Sweet sour pickled pumpkin – an original German recipe for anyone who likes pumpkin dishes. Canning is very popular in Germany. The pickled pumpkin taste great together with fried potatoes.  Happy Cooking! Ingredients Sweet Sour Pickled Pumpkin 1 kg pumpkin 350 g sugar 1/8 liter vinegar 1/4 liter water 1 tsp … read more …

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Jul 202016
German Pickles No Canning

Today find out how to make German pickles no canning. It is not that difficult to make your own pickles. They won’t have any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors. You need the special pickle cucumbers; you might find them on a local farmers market or if you are into gardening, you can harvest them very … read more …

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