Jan 312019
German Beef Broth - Homemade Authentic

The German beef broth is the base for many other soups and recipes.  It is better than the broths in a package or can because it is all natural without any preservatives or additives. Try this broth one time, and you don’t want to eat the processed broths anymore. Almost every Sunday in my childhood we had such a … read more …

Aug 062018
Authentic Clear German Oxtail Soup

The German Oxtail Soup is special and very popular in Germany. You get oxtail at any German butcher’s. The German oxtail soup can be a clear broth or thickened with flour. It is a soup that is perfect for a festive or holiday menu. In Germany this soup is actually very popular for a Christmas … read more …

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Oct 192016
Home Made Vegetable Broth - German Recipe

Many German soups and dishes use as a base a vegetable broth which can be packaged, instant or home made. We prefer instant or home made and that’s why today we show you how to make a home made vegetable broth. It is so easy. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Home Made Vegetable Broth 2 liter water … read more …

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May 082013
German Flaedle Soup - Best Soup of Germany

  The German Flaedle soup is a special Swabian soup that you get in every Country Inn or “Gasthaus” of the South. Basically you would use pancake left overs to make this delicious German soup. In Germany you can buy the Flaedle already made in dry form. But the soup tastes the best with home … read more …

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