Mar 262018
German Rolls Brotchen

There is no doubt – German Rolls or Brotchen (Brötchen or Semmeln in German) are the best. Here is a German recipe for German rolls. They are also called Semmeln, Schrippen or Weckle. This is the best recipe that you can find online. It is original and authentic and your German rolls will be like … read more …

May 132017
German Brotchen or Semmeln like from Germany

German Brotchen or Broetchen (Semmeln) in German are without exaggerating the best! Everyone who has visited Germany knows that these rolls are the best. They are part of every good German breakfast and they need to be fresh. A fresh Broetchen is slightly crunchy and never soft. How to keep Broetchen fresh? You would not … read more …

Feb 172016
German Brotchen Semmel Authentic Recipe

This German Brotchen Semmel Recipe is a proven German recipe using German ingredients. We cannot guarantee the results as the American ingredients such as yeast and flour are different. Please use the pages that are providing more information about yeast and flour. We recommend: Don’t use bleached and enriched flour. Unbleached flour can be purchased … read more …

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