Dec 032018
German Pistachio Cookies for the Holidays

Our German pistachio cookies are of course excellent holiday cookies but you can bake them also throughout the year. They are so delicious that these cookies will become your favorite. It’s a great cookie that goes along well with a cup of tea or coffee. If you cannot get pistachios we recommend to use alternatively … read more …

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Mar 192018
Fried Egg Easter Muffins - Like in Germany

Surprise your friends and family with fried egg Easter muffins – just right for the spring celebration Easter. The muffins are easy to make and will make people smile. Great muffins not only for Easter! Happy Baking! Ingredients Fried Egg Easter Muffins (for 6 muffins) 90 g oil 300 g flour 1 tbsp baking powder … read more …

Apr 172015
German Gluten Free Almond Cake

  German gluten free almond cake or “Torte” is a German baking specialty for a nice traditional Kaffee and Kuchen afternoon. Torte is not exactly a cake as it is mostly made using a butter cream. If you cannot eat products with flour this cake is a wonderful alternative. Easy to make without needing special … read more …

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May 022012
Duck Egg Brownies - American Recipe from a German

Do you know that you cannot only use chicken eggs but duck eggs for baking? I was lucky to talk to Katharina Davitt who lives on a farm in Oregon where she keeps Saxony ducks. Saxony ducks are very gentle and smart birds, and love to learn new things.  They are very quiet for ducks … read more …

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Nov 282011
All About Baking Yeast

  Today learn the importance of yeast in German Baking. It is all about Baking yeast today! Yeast is using a lot for many baking recipes and many recipes require fresh yeast. In the USA we never saw any fresh yeast in the super markets, it is very rare. In this article we explain everything … read more …

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