Sep 062018
German Ham Rolls with Sauerkraut Filling

You can make so many different dishes with Sauerkraut. It is a popular ingredient for dishes such as the German Ham Rolls with Sauerkraut Filling. The ham rolls are an awesome appetizer or finger food for a dinner party, a TV evening or just for fun. The rolls make a  great appetizer for your private … read more …

Sep 202016
Cucumber Salmon Appetizer - German Party Food

The holiday season brings parties and festive occasions. We found a great appetizer: Cucumber Salmon Appetizer. It’s an authentic German recipe, and not difficult at all. This appetizer will make your party successful. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Cucumber Salmon Appetizer 200 g cream cheese 200 g smoked salmon 1 tbsp quark or natural yogurt 1 tbsp … read more …

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Jul 212016
Super Simple Pepper Appetizer

  These Super Simple Pepper Appetizer will surprise your party guests. The little appetizers look like boats and some call them “pepper boats”. They are easy to make and can be kept in the fridge for some hours – perfect for a party or event. Try them out at your next occasion and you will … read more …