May 232014
Drinks with Riemerol

Drinks with Riemerol are refreshing aperitifs for any summer party or festivity. Riemerschmid – Premium Quality since 1835 Riemerschmid started with fine vinegars and licors and is now producing high quality syrups for the bar and cuisine. Riemerschmid is using a special butterfly mixer to make the syrups so that the substances are maintained wand … read more …

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May 052014
Hugo Aperitif - Champagne Elderflower Syrup Cocktail

Today learn about a very popular German cocktail: Hugo aperitif. Hugo is the name for a German cocktail or aperitif that has become very popular in Germany and it is mixed with elderflower syrup and “Sekt”, champagne or Prosecco. In Germany you can find the cocktail already mixed in bottles in many supermarkets. In the … read more …