Aug 262016
Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue

If you have visited Switzerland before you have tried the Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue for sure. It is the national dish of Switzerland and can be found in every Swiss restaurant. You can make it at home. The best is to use original Swiss cheese (Emmenthaler and Gruyere) and the obligatory Kirsch schnaps. The cheese … read more …

Jan 162014
Authentic Swiss Soup Recipe Basler Mehlsuppe

The Basler Mehlsuppe is a recipe from Switzerland, to be precise from the Swiss city Basel. The Basler Mehlsuppe is also popular in East and South Germany and used to be a soup, that was made when the budget for food was very low, for breakfast. It is  a traditional soup that is still used … read more …

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Nov 152011
Swiss Chocolate Cake

  Today we talk about the Swiss Chocolate Cake – Let’s take  a little trip to Switzerland and it’s famous world of chocolate, the home of Lindt & Spruengli – the finest chocolate makers since a long time. Lindt makes indeed a very high quality chocolate which you can get in the USA as well. … read more …

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