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When zucchinis and tomatoes are ripe in the garden, you have an abundance of them. What to do with all the vegetable? Make this dish, the summer zucchini tomato stew, in a big pot and freeze it, so you can have this delicious stew in fall. It is easy to make and the Italian herbs add a Mediterranean touch to it. Happy Cooking!

summer zucchini tomato stew

Ingredients Summer Zucchini Tomato Stew

2 medium sized zucchini
1 onion
2 cans chopped tomatoes,  or 5 medium size fresh tomatoes
5 smaller potatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
2 carrots
1 cube or 1 tsp vegetable instant broth – How to make Vegetable broth from Scratch –
salt, pepper to taste
Italian herb mix, fresh or dry (thyme, marjoram, oregano)

Cooking Instructions Summer Zucchini Tomato Stew

  • Peel onions,chop fine; peel potatoes
  • Cut carrots, potatoes and zucchinis in small cubes.
  • When using fresh tomatoes, place them for 2 min in boiling water, so you can peel them. Cut in small pieces.
  • Heat olive oil, saute onions, add potatoes, tomatoes and carrots.
  • Spice with instant broth, salt, pepper and herbs.
  • Let simmer until potatoes are soft, add zucchini.
  • The stew is done when zucchini are soft.

Serve with Wiener sausages or add some small sausages or Bologna cubes to the soup. Of course fresh bread with butter should be part of it!

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