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The Strawberry Cream cake needs a bit of work but you will be rewarded by its delicious taste. The cake recipe is using quark. You can make quark at home, it is not difficult - click here to find out how to make quark - or find quark in special super markets. Usually the brand "Vermont" carries quark. Thanks for the recipe and photo from Gisele Meyers - Happy Baking!

strawberry cream cake

Ingredients Strawberry Cream Cake

4 eggs
200 g sugar
2 tbs hot water
190 g flour
1 tbs baking powder

1 package gelatin, ground - or 0.5oz gelatin
500 g strawberries
2 small cans mandarins
500 g quark
600 ml heavy cream
6 tbsp lemon juice
2 packages Sahnesteif (optional) it helps to keep whipped cream firm -Dr. Oetker Sahnesteif ( Whip Cream Stabilizer ) -5 pack Whip it!
3 egg yolk
150 g sugar

Baking Instructions Strawberry Cream Cake

Base Cake
- Beat eggs, sugar and jot water at least for 10-15 min until foamy.
- Mix flour with 1 tbsp baking powder and add to dough.
- Layer a baking form (28cm diameter) with baking paper and fill in dough.
- Bake in pre-heated oven for 2-30 min on 360 F.

- Beat sugar, egg yolks for 10 minutes until foamy.
- Let gelatin soak in water.
- Mix quark with egg mix, add drained mandarins, and mix well.
- Heat gelatin slightly, so it will be dissolved, take off from oven, mix 3-4 tbsp quark dough with gelatin, add to the quark dough.
- Beat heavy cream until firm, add Whip it and mix with quark dough, finally add pureed or chopped strawberries.
- Cut cooled off base cake horizontally in half, place a cake ring around, fill quark on the bottom part of the cake, place other half on top.
- Let cool in the fridge over night.
- Dust with powdered sugar and remove cake ring.

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