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The Southern German Apple Cake is a specialty from the South of Germany and is different than other apple cakes featured on this website. This German apple cake is awesome for any “Kaffee and Kuchen” table, for the holidays, for birthdays and festive occasions. The apples are covered in a creamy filling and will be placed on a light dough. It is easy to make. Even baking beginners will succeed. Try it out and let me know how you liked it. Happy Baking!

southern german apple cake

Ingredients Southern German Apple Cake

250 g butter
4 eggs
75 g sugar
150 g flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
juice from 1 lemon
5-6 apples
80 g powdered sugar
1 tbsp vanilla pudding powder or corn starch
(1 tbsp liquid vanilla if you don’t use the vanilla pudding powder)
butter for the form and breadcrumbs (natural)
3 tbsp chopped almonds

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 Baking Instructions Southern German Apple Cake

– Pre-heat oven to 350 F.
– Grease a spring form (10 inches) and sprinkle with bread crumbs.
– Melt 125 g butter, let cool off a bit (shouldn’t be hot).
– Separate eggs.
– Beat egg yolks with 75 g sugar until creamy.
– Mix flour with baking powder, add to the egg cream, swiftly mix it then add the butter.
– Fill dough into the form, then place it in the fridge for 15-30 min (dough needs to get firm).

– Peel apples, remove core and cut in slices, mix with lemon juice to prevent browning.
– Soften butter and mix with powdered sugar, pudding powder or starch, add vanilla.
– Beat egg whites until firm.
– Add egg whites to the cream, mix gently with a spatula, add apple slices, mix gently.
– Remove dough from fridge (the dough should be firm), create an edge of 1.5 inches, gently press the dough around the rim of the form.
– Add the apple cream.
– Sprinkle with chopped almonds.
– Bake for 55 minutes, cover with foil to prevent that cake gets brown.
– Dust with powdered sugar if you like before serving.

Serve this apple cake with whipped cream.

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