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Schaschlik Barbecue is a popular fast food in the Rheinland and Southern Germany. You can find it at any snack booth, they make it in front of you, serve it on a paper plate with sauce and a roll.
There are 2 variations: You can grill the meat or saute the meat for some hours in a sauce, that contains onions and paprika powder (like Goulash), until the meat is soft. Find the Pot Roasted Schaschlik Recipe here

schaschlik barbecue

Ingredients Schaschlik Barbecue

200 g pork filet and beef filet (meat needs to have low cooking time)
or a mix of 200 g lamb meat (optional), pork filet and beef
200 g veal liver (optional)
100 g German Speck (smoked bacon)
1 green and 1 red pepper
2 onions
salt, pepper to taste
thyme, 2 garlic cloves
Ketchup and Madras Curry to make your own Schaschlik Sauce

Cooking Instructions Schaschlik  Barbecue

– Cut the meat in small cubes (not too big).
– Rub lamb meat with thyme and garlic.
– Cut Speck, onions and pepper in small pieces, then stick meat and vegetable on a barbecue skewer and brush with olive oil.
– Place them on the barbecue, let them cook for 4-5 minutes evenly on all sides.
– Spice with salt, pepper and thyme.

german delicatessen box

Schaschlik Sauce
– Take one heaped tbsp madras curry powder for 100 g ketchup and mix it with some water until it has the desired texture.
– If you like heat the sauce and serve it warm with the skewers.

Serve it with fresh rolls or bread or with French Fries.

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