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Sausages in beer gravy  is a authentic and original German dish. Germany is the country of the best sausage making since centuries. The best sausages are made in Germany. You probably know the simple version of a boiled and/or fried sausage that you enjoy with a roll or bread and Sauerkraut. The recipe today shows an interesting way to cook the sausages: They are served in a beer gravy. You would use dark beer, see below what kind of beer to use. Happy Cooking!

sausages in beer gravy

Ingredients Sausages in Beer Gravy

4 sausages (uncooked Bratwurst or Brats) – Find the best German Bratwurst at
1 onion
125 ml beer (preferably dark beer, if the typical Bavarian dark beer is not available, you can use ale, Guinness or Stout instead)
125 ml  water
1 clove
1/4 bay leave
1 slice lemon
2 tbsp flour, salt
Worcester Sauce to taste
1 tbsp mustard (medium, preferably German)

 Cooking Instructions Sausages in Beer Gravy

– place sausages in a pot with water and bring it to a boil; take them out.
– melt ghee or butter in a skillet and fry sausages on all sides until they are showing a light brown crust on both sides.
– take them off the skillet.
– chop onions fine and in the same frying fat saute them until they are light brown.
– de-glaze with beer and water (or just use beer); add bay leave, clove, lemon, salt, mustard and Worcester Sauce.
– bring everything to  a boil then put sausages into the sauce.
– on low heat and covered let it simmer for 15-20 minutes.
– remove bay leave, clove and lemon, place sausages on a warm dish and cover it with aluminum foil (keep it warm).
– in some water mix flour and stir it until smooth; add it to the gravy.

Serve it with mashed or boiled potatoes, Sauerkraut and red cabbage.

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