Jul 022016
German Zigeuner Sauce - Spicy Red Sauce

The German Zigeuner Sauce is a spicy and classic German sauce that you  serve with meat dishes such as Schnitzel or pork chops. It is a classic sauce that is very popular with a Schnitzel which can be breaded or not. The meat can be veal or pork. It is  served not only in restaurants. … read more …

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Mar 112013
German Sauce Hollandaise

Sauce Hollandaise is the French name for “Hollaendische Sauce (Dutch sauce)” and it is a classic sauce for many different dishes.  In German we also call it “helle” or “weisse” Sosse. The sauce Hollandaise is a must with asparagus – great combination – but also with meat, fish and other vegetable. This is the original … read more …

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