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The Russian beef stew does not sound like a German recipe but it is a German dish indeed. It contains leek, ground meat and sour cream, in German it is called “Russischer Hackfleischtopf” or Russian Beef Stew.
Why is it called Russian? We don’t know. Actually the dish does not taste Russian at all, maybe because of the leek? If you have an answer let us know. You can also add more mustard as given in the recipe. It tastes great with rice, pasta or fresh bread, and is also a great dish for a party. You can make it in 10 -15 minutes -= easy and fast! We always use the instant broth from Rapunzel because it does not contain any chemical ingredients. Happy Cooking!

russian beef stew

Ingredients Russian Beef Stew

1 pound ground beef
1 small onion
1 tbsp clarified butter or sunflower oil
2-3 leek (depends on size)
1 cube instant vegetable broth eg from Rapunzel
water as needed
salt, pepper to taste
1-2 tsp mustard
3-4 tbsp sour cream, creme fraiche or heavy cream

Cooking Instructions Russian Beef Stew

– chop onions fine; wash and cut leek in small pieces or slices.
– heat clarified butter in a pan, saute onions and meat for some minutes on high heat.
– add leek and saute for some minutes.
– add the water and then the instant broth cubes.
– spice with some salt and pepper to taste.
– add mustard and let it simmer until leek is soft.
– before serving add the sour cream or heavy creme
– mix well.

Serve with rice.

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