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Rum Pot or Rumtopf in German is a traditional mix out of rum and fruit that is enjoyed during the winter months. You would start in May with strawberries and add more and more fruit during the summer months. You can make a tropical rum pot if you like and use only tropical fruit like mango, kiwi, pineapple or papaya. Or make a red fruit Rumtopf by using only red fruit (includes red currant berries).


The recipe has many variations. When the fruit is soaked with rum after 2-3 months you would serve it as a dessert with ice cream or pudding, or add it to cakes or pastry as described in the recipe Rum Pot Muffins – Find it here.
If you don’t have a special Rumtopf you can use a ceramic fermentation pot or a glass jar that you would use for pickles.


Ingredients Rum Pot or Rumtopf

500 g small strawberries
Fruit Ideas
500 g of each:
sour cherries with pit
cherries, no pit
peaches, without skin, cut in quarters
apricots, no pit, cut in halves
pears, cut in pieces
pineapple, cut in pieces
2 vanilla beans and 2 cinnamon sticks
2875 g sugar
2 bottles rum  (54 %)

Instructions Rum Pot or Rumtopf

rum pot or rumtopf

Starting in May with strawberries, get a large stone pot with lid (5 liter). Rinse it with vinegar water and boiling water; dry it thoroughly.
– Wash strawberries and pat dry with kitchen paper, remove stems and leaves.
– Place them with 500 g sugar into a bowl (make layers) and place it covered  for 1 hour in the fridge.
– Now fill the strawberries into the pot and add as much rum until the fruit is covered (for about 2cm); take a plate and cover the fruit; it prevents that they will float at the surface.
– Cover the pot and keep at a cool place; stir  now and then gently the first 14 days with a spoon.
– Add more and more fruit during the summer; keep ratio 250 g sugar for 500 g fruit. Add rum so that the fruit is always covered very well.
– Add vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks for a nice flavor (optional).

After 2-3 months the fruit is soaked with rum and can be used for desserts, and cakes or a special recipe that we feature on our website: Rumtopf Muffins – Go to Recipe Rum Pot Muffins

This Fruit is not recommended
– Oranges or lemons (they are acidic and make the Rumptopf sour)
– Bananas and melons (they turn mushy and make the Rumtopf watery)
– Apples (will not improve either in taste or texture by the rum and sugar mix)


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