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These Austrian Rumballs or in German "Rumkugeln" are almost mandatory for Christmas but, in our opinion, they taste awesome throughout the year. The rum balls are made after a traditional Austrian recipe from the good old times, when the emperor Franz Josef used to reign.  You don't have to bake them, just make them per the given instructions and it will turn out just fine. Happy Baking!

Rum Balls Rumkugeln

Ingredients Rum Balls Rumkugeln

(30 pieces)

Dark dough
100 g powdered sugar
100 g almonds ground
100 g semi-sweet baking chocolate grated
1 egg white
some rum
cocoa unsweetened

Light dough
1 hard boiled egg yolk
30 g butter
1 vanilla bean
1 tbsp powdered sugar

Baking Instructions Rum Balls Rumkugeln

- For the dark dough mix all ingredients thoroughly.
- For the light dough press the egg yolk through a sieve and mix it with the remaining ingredients; keep it cold.
- Make balls out of the dark dough of walnut size; the light dough should have the size of a cherry pit (so quite small).
- Place in each dark ball one light one; take the ball slightly apart and fill in the smaller one; then close it. Place them into little matching cups.
- Keep rum balls for 30 minutes in the fridge.
- Roll the balls in the cocoa powder and place them in small paper cups.
Keep the rum balls in a tin.


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